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Mastercam x6- Advanced Multiaxis


hình minh họa
hình minh họa

This tutorial covers Mastercam’s 5-Axis toolpath functionality. To apply these toolpaths to a 5-Axis machine tool, a customized post processor for your machine is required. There are no default 5-Axis post processors included with Mastercam due to the variation in multi-axis machine configurations. Contact your Mastercam reseller to request post processor services such as multi-axis post development. Your post processor may require certain additional programming information not covered in this tutorial. For instance: You may be required to position your stock in machine space rather than at Mastercam’s origin. You may be required to use the Misc Values. Your post may also prompt you for tool gage lengths. The nature of the additional information required depends largely on your machine’s configuration. Contact the developer of your post processor for details.



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