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Mastercam X4- hanbook volume 1- mill lever 1 &solid

mastercam x4

Congratulations on your purchase of the Mastercam Handbook Volume 1. This book was developed and tested over several years as part of a course to teach machinists how to program CNC machine tools with Mastercam. It assumes you have a working knowledge of machining and CNC’s, including tooling, work-holding, and common G&M codes. No prior experience with computers or CAD/CAM is necessary, but helpful. The Handbook can be used as the primary resource for a Mastercam class, as a self-study guide, or a shop reference. Mastercam help functions and information on the student CD supplement the material in this book. A unique feature of this book is the comprehensive, top-down approach it takes to learning. Concepts and essential knowledge are included along with practical applications. This approach means you not only learn how to use Mastercam, but why things are work as they do. By understanding exactly what you are doing and why each step of the way, you learn to recognize the best approach to problems. Not only will you be better prepared to work effectively, you will gain a solid foundation of knowledge that will help you continue to learn and adapt as technology changes



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