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Mastercam Toolbars


Toolbars are collections of related functions accessed through buttons. Toolbars are docked, by default, in the upper section of the interface, below the menu bar. For easy recognition, the Mastercam toolbar buttons have the same images you see next to the corresponding menu commands in the menu bar.

A few samples of Mastercam toolbars are:

Filemtc toolbars 1

Sketchermtc toolbars3

MRU (Most Recently Used) –mtc toolbars2

Note: The MRU toolbar is vertically docked to the right of your graphics window by default. It updates every time you use a new function, so it will most likely not look like this example. To turn the MRU toolbar on or off, right-click in an empty area between toolbars, and then select MRU Function Bar from the list that displays.


You can undock, dock, move, hide, and customize Mastercam toolbars. For more information, click the links below:

Docking, Undocking, and Moving Toolbars

Toolbars can be undocked by double clicking or single clicking and dragging its separator bar (shown below).

Once the toolbar is undocked, you can easily drag and drop it anywhere on your graphics window or Operations Manager as a horizontal window. You can dock it again by dragging and dropping the window anywhere in the toolbar section or by double-clicking the toolbar title bar.

Note: Toolbars can easily be docked vertically by dropping them into the sidebar area of the interface.

Resizing Undocked Toolbars

Toolbars can be resized by moving your cursor over any edge until it changes to a double-headed arrow, and then dragging the edge of the toolbar. As you drag, a dynamic rectangle appears that shows you the projected size and shape. Just let go of your mouse button when you see the size/shape that you want.

Hiding and Displaying Toolbars

To display a hidden toolbar, right-click any toolbar to bring up a right-click menu displaying all available toolbars. Click the toolbar you want to show or hide on the right-click menu. If you do not see the toolbar you want, choose Settings, Customize to open the Customize dialog box. In the Toolbars tab, select the toolbar you want and click OK.

To hide a docked toolbar, use the right-click menu and deselect the toolbar. To hide (close) an undocked toolbar, click the X button in the upper right corner or double-click its title bar.

Customizing Toolbars

You can create new toolbars, delete toolbars, rename them, and edit their buttons. These changes are made in the Customize dialog box. Please see that topic for more details.

Note: At any time, you can reset the toolbars to their original configuration in the Customize dialog box.

Navigating Toolbars

Single click a toolbar button to activate its function. Some toolbar buttons have a small black arrow to their right (as shown below).

mtc toolbars4

Click the arrow to display a drop down list of buttons (shown below) that access functions similar to the displayed default button.

mtc toolbars5

When you select a button from the drop down list, the function becomes active and the button representing that function remains displayed in the toolbar until another function is chosen from the drop down list or you exit Mastercam.

Note: Toolbar buttons on Mastercam toolbars do not appear raised until you hover your mouse over them.

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