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Mastercam Toolbar States dialog box

Choose Settings, Toolbar States.


Click the Toolbar States button on the Toolbars tab of the Customize dialog box.

Toolbar States dialog box


Use this dialog box to show or hide toolbars as well as create, save, load, delete, and restore default toolbar states that are stored in the current toolbar file.In this dialog box, you can:

Show or hide toolbars

To show a toolbar in the Mastercam window, select the checkbox next to the toolbar name in the Show these toolbars list.

To hide a toolbar from display, clear the check mark next to the toolbar name by deselecting it.

As you select / deselect toolbars, they display in, or are removed from, the Mastercam window. The system momentarily highlights a newly activated toolbar by flashing a rectangle around it.

If you save these settings to a toolbar state, every time you load that state the toolbars with a checkmark will be displayed.

Create and save a toolbar state

Once you have customized the Mastercam toolbar interface, open the Toolbar States dialog box, type the name of the new toolbar state, and choose Save. The new toolbar state is added to the toolbar file and displays in the Toolbar State list.

Once the new toolbar state has been created, you can then select which toolbars you want to display for that state by putting a checkmark in the checkbox next to each toolbar you want in the Show these toolbars list.

Load a toolbar state

To load a previously saved toolbar state, select the name of the toolbar state to load and click the Load button. The Mastercam window is updated with the selected toolbar state.

Delete a toolbar state

To delete a toolbar state, choose one of the following methods:

  • To delete a single toolbar state, select the name of the toolbar state to delete and click the Delete button. The selected toolbar state is removed from the list.
  • To delete all toolbar states, click the Delete All button.

Note: To restore deleted toolbar states, click Reset before exiting this dialog box.

Set a default toolbar state

To set a default toolbar state that loads whenever you open the toolbar file, select a toolbar state from the list, then select the Default checkbox. An asterisk displays next to the toolbar state name, indicating that it is the default.


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