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Mastercam- surfacing tutorial

hình minh họa
hình minh họa

‘Surfacing’ is a machining operation in which a 3D contoured surface is carved from a block of stock material through a series of cuts. Typically this is done in two operations, a ‘Rough’ pass and a ‘Finish’ pass. The purpose of the ‘Rough’ pass is to remove as much material in as quick of time as possible, this is typically done with a large bit and gives a rough couduroy texture to the material. Often the process is stopped after the ‘Rough’ process, and if the roughing operation is done with a small enough bit the surface smoothness may be suitable for many applications. If a smoother finished surface is desirable a second series of cuts can be made with a smaller bit at a tighter interval giving a smooth polished surface. This tutorial covers the basic operations needed to do a ‘Rough’ tool path based on a generic 3D surface



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