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Mastercam Surface to Curve ribbon bar

Choose Create, Surface, Trim, To Curves.

Surface to Curve ribbon bar


Use this ribbon bar to trim surfaces to curves (lines, arcs, splines, or surface curves). Select the surface you want to trim and press [Enter]. Chain the curve to which you want the surface to be trimmed and click the part of the surface you want to keep. Click Apply or press [Enter] when done.

If the trimming curves do not lie directly on the surfaces, Mastercam projects them onto the surfaces in order to calculate the intersection where the surface will be trimmed.

When Mastercam trims a surface, it creates the trimmed surface as a new surface, and you can keep or delete the original (base) surface. You can also choose to extend the intersection curve to the edge of the surface, and split the selected surface into separate surfaces at the intersecting curves.

Shortcut Keys

S – Select Surfaces

C – Select Curves

K – Keep

D – Delete

V – View

N – Normal

E – Extend Curves to Edge

M – Split Model

R – Keep Multiple Regions

U – Use current construction attributes

P – Apply

O – OK (fixes live entity and exits function)


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