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Mastercam shortcut keys

Mastercam shortcut keys

Mastercam provides both predetermined shortcut keys (hotkeys) and the ability to custom assign your own shortcut keys through the Key mapping dialog box.

The following list contains most of the default Mastercam shortcut keys:

Alt+1 – Gview – Top

Alt+2 – Gview – Front

Alt+3 – Gview – Back

Alt+4 – Gview – Bottom

Alt+5 – Gview – Right side

Alt+6 – Gview – Left side

Alt+7 – Gview – Isometric

Alt+A – Autosave

Alt+Arrow keys – Rotate

Alt+C – Run user application (C-Hooks and NET-Hooks)

Alt+D – Set drafting global options

Alt+E – Show/hide entities

Alt+F1 – Fit all geometry to screen

Alt+F2 – Unzoom to 80% of original

Alt+F4 – Exit Mastercam

Alt+F8 – Configure Mastercam

Alt+F9 – Show all axes (world view, Cplane, Tplane)

Alt+F12 – Select rotation point for 3D Connexion device

Alt+G – Selection grid parameters

Alt+H – Online help

Alt+O – Show/hide Operations Manager pane

Alt+P – Revert to previous view

Alt+S – Shading on/off

Alt+T – Show/hide toolpath display

Alt+U – Undo last creation or event

Alt+V – Mastercam version, SIM serial number

Alt+X – Set main color/level/style/width from selected entity

Alt+Z – Level Manager

Arrow keys – Pan

Ctrl+A – Select all entities

Ctrl+C – Copy to clipboard

Ctrl+F1 – Zoom around target point

Ctrl+U – Undo last creation or event

Ctrl+V – Paste from clipboard

Ctrl+X – Cut to clipboard

Ctrl+Y – Redo an event that has been undone

Ctrl+Z – Undo last creation or event

F1 – Zoom with window selection

F2 – Unzoom previous/50% of original

F3 – Repaint

F4 – Analyze selected entity

F5 – Delete selected entities

F9 – Show/hide coordinate axes

Page down – Unzoom by 5%

Page up – Zoom by 5%

Shift+Ctrl+R – Regenerate screen



  • When you are using a dialog box or a ribbon bar, use the [O] key as a shortcut for OK and the [P] key for Apply.
  • When you use a keystroke combination of the [Alt] key plus another key to initiate a Mastercam function, you must hold down the [Alt] key while pressing the other key. If you press the [Alt] key, release it, and then press the other key, you may get unintended results. For example, if you hold down the [Alt] key and press [T], it will toggle the toolpath display. However, if you press the [Alt] key, release it, and then press [T], it will open the Toolpaths drop down menu.


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