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Mastercam Select All and Select Only overview

On the General Selection ribbon bar, choose either the All button for Select All or the Only button for Select Only.

Select All and Select Only dialog boxes

The following two dialog boxes let you set selection masks, which restrict entity selection to defined sets of criteria:

Select All dialog box

Select Only dialog box

These dialog boxes are accessed from the All and Only buttons on the General Selection ribbon bar.


These two dialog boxes look very similar. The main difference is that the Select All dialog box has an extra section (Options buttons) at the top that does not appear in the Select Only dialog box.


This is a graphic showing the three main sections of the Select All dialog box. As discussed, the Select Only dialog box does not have the Option buttons, but does have the Criteria type checkboxes and buttons as well as the Criteria list.



The Select All dialog box lets you set the masking criteria and when you choose the OK button, all entities that match your criteria are automatically selected.

In contrast, the Select Only dialog box lets you set the criteria, close the dialog box, and then manually select any entities in the graphics window that meet the criteria you have set. Using this dialog box, prohibits you from choosing entities that do not match your criteria.


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