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Mastercam Ruled/Lofted Surfaces ribbon bar

Choose Create, Surface, Ruled/Lofted.

Ruled/Lofted Surfaces ribbon bar


Use this ribbon bar to create ruled and lofted surfaces. You will be prompted to chain two or more curves or chains of curves from which the surface will be created.

Use the Ruled and Lofted buttons to choose whether a ruled or lofted surface is created. The Lofted option is the default. Press Apply to fix the new surface. The Chaining dialog box then opens and you are prompted to create another surface.


  • When you select curves for a ruled surface, it is important that you pay attention to where you select each curve or chain of curves because the selected ends of each pair of curves (curve one and two, two and three, etc.) compose one edge of the surface. When you select a curve or chain of curves, the system places a temporary arrow at the closest endpoint to show which end you have selected. In order to better match your curves or chains of curves, you may want to select your curves using the Sync chaining method (Chaining Options dialog box), which lets you match curves manually or by entity, branch, node, or point.
  • When creating a ruled surface with three or more curves defining the boundary, Mastercam creates separate surfaces between each pair of curves rather than one surface with sharp corners and ridges.

Shortcut Keys

C – Chain

R – Ruled

L – Lofted

P – Apply

O – OK (fixes live entity and exits function)


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