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Mastercam Revolved Surfaces ribbon bar

Choose Create, Surface, Revolved.

Revolved Surfaces ribbon bar


Use this ribbon bar to create revolved surfaces, surfaces that are circular in one direction. You will be prompted to chain an entity that the revolved surface will use as a profile. You may choose multiple entities to create many revolved surfaces at a time.

You are then prompted to choose a line to use as the axis of rotation and the revolved surface is created.

If you have chosen multiple entities, a surface for each entity will be created, each having a different profile and position and all using the same axis of rotation. Click Apply or [Enter] when done.

While the surface is live, you can edit it using the buttons and fields on the ribbon bar. When you are done, press the Apply button to fix the new surface. The Chaining dialog box then opens and you are prompted to create another surface.

Shortcut Keys

R – Profile

A – Axis

F – Flip

S – Start angle

N – End angle

P – Apply

O – OK (fixes live entity and exits function)


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