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Mastercam Modify Spline ribbon bar

Select Modify Spline from the Edit menu, and then select a parametric spline in the graphics window.

Modify Spline ribbon bar

Use this ribbon bar to maintain tangency conditions when editing parametric splines. The End point 1 tangent and End point 2 tangent buttons let you select each end-point tangency separately.

For example, the following illustration shows a line that is tangent to one end point of a parametric spline:


By clicking the End point 1 tangent button, you can move the spline without removing its tangency to the line, as shown here:


If you move the spline without maintaining its tangency, the result looks like this:



Note: The Modify Spline ribbon bar displays only for parametric splines.

Shortcut Keys

1 – End point 1 tangent

2 – End point 2 tangent


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