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Mastercam Machine groups

Machine groups are created automatically when you select a machine from the Machine Type menu. Mastercam displays machine groups in the Toolpath Manager:


Use machine groups store complete jobs for a specific machine. They contain:

  • Toolpaths and other operations
  • Tools
  • Stock model and material selection
  • Pointers to toolpath defaults, your post processor, and operation libraries
  • Job setup information, such as tool and program numbering

Machine group properties

  • Machine groups have three sets of properties. Each of them is listed in a separate tab in the Machine Group Properties dialog box. To see any of them, click the proper icon under Properties in the Toolpath Manager.
    • Use the Files tab to see and change the defaults file, operations library, and tool library that are used by operations in the machine group. You can also this tab to make job-specific changes to the machine definition or select a new machine definition.
    • Use the Tool Settings tab to control NC file numbering, tool numbering, default feeds and speeds, and material selection.
    • Use the Stock Setup tab to create a stock model or select a file which contains the stock model. For Mastercam Lathe, you can also use this tab to define chucks, tailstocks, and steady rests.



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