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Mastercam Line bisect ribbon bar

Choose Create, Line, Bisect.

Line bisect ribbon bar


Use this ribbon bar to create a bisecting line between two existing lines. With 4 Solutions selected, Mastercam creates multiple possibilities for bisecting lines and you will be prompted to select the one you want to keep.

To set the length of the bisecting line, enter a value in the Length field, press [Enter], and then select the two lines to bisect. As long as the bisecting line remains live, you can still use the Length field to change its length.


  • To use this ribbon bar, you must have at least two existing lines in the graphics window.
  • For intersecting lines, Mastercam creates a bisecting line. For parallel lines, Mastercam creates a midline, which begins midway between the start of the first selected line and the closest endpoint of the second selected line.
  • AutoCursor is unavailable during the use of this ribbon bar.
  • 1 Solution is the default mode.  Select 4 Solutions before selecting the lines to use this option.

Shortcut Keys

1 – 1 Solution

4 – 4 Solutions

L – Length

P – Apply

O – OK (fixes live entity and exits function)


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