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Mastercam- introduction to Multiaxis Toolpaths



hình minh họa
hình minh họa

This tutorial introduces the concepts of multiaxis machining, beginning with the machine architecture and ending with multiaxis toolpath creation. Multiaxis toolpaths are basically the familiar contour, pocket, and surface toolpaths in X,Y, and Z, with rotational motion added in A, B, and C. The available axes vary based on your particular machine setup. The workflow is consistent regardless of the Multiaxis toolpath selected. Mastercam’s Multiaxis interface follows a uniform structure through the toolpathing process. Select the toolpath family, select a toolpath type, progress from top to bottom through the tree style interface, enter parameters on the necessary pages, and generate the toolpath. Additional tools such as Backplot and Machine Simulation allow you to review your toolpath before cutting begins on the machine. You will gain a general understanding of the multiaxis process by completing this tutorial. The information contained in these pages will allow you to begin gaining the knowledge and confidence to work with Mastercam’s Multiaxis toolpaths. Further information on multiaxis toolpaths can be found in subsequent Focus Series multiaxis tutorials



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