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Mastercam interface overview

The Mastercam interface consists of many distinct elements.

At the top of the screen is the menu bar (File, Edit, View, etc.).

mactercam 1

Below the menu bar are the toolbars, the AutoCursor™ ribbon bar, the General Selection ribbon bar, and the ribbon bar for the current function. Click the thumbnail graphic below to view it in true size.

mactercam 2

To the left of your screen is the Operations Manager that houses the Toolpath Manager, the Solids Manager, and—if Art is installed—the Art Manager.

mactercam 3

To the right of that is the graphics window where Mastercam part files are displayed.

mactercam 4mactercam 5

Below the Operations Manager and graphics window is the Status bar. Click the thumbnail picture below to view it at its true size.

mactercam 6

To the far left of the screen are vertically docked toolbars defined in your toolbar state settings. To the far right of the screen is the MRU (Most Recently Used) toolbar, which is also vertically docked. Click the thumbnail picture to the right to view this toolbar at its true size.

For information specific to each element of the Mastercam interface, see href=”Mastercam_Interface_Elements.htm”>Mastercam interface elements.

Note: Most of these interface elements are customizable. Please keep in mind that the element positions and descriptions provided in this help refer to the Mastercam installation defaults.

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