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Mastercam- surfacing tutorial

‘Surfacing’ is a machining operation in which a 3D contoured surface is carved from a block of stock material through a series of cuts. Typically this is done in two operations, a ‘Rough’ pass and a ‘Finish’ pass. The purpose of the ‘Rough’ pass is to remove as much material …

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Migrating from Mastercam X6 to X8

Okay, you’re comfortable programming in Mastercam X6, but now you realize that you need to take the plunge and load the latest version., which is now Mastercam X8. You may ask yourself, “What about my existing post processors?” If you’re using the generic post processors that are included with Mastercam X6, …

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Mastercam Art tutorial for artworks

Mastercam Art lets you go from “art to part” allowing you to create sophisticated 3D sculpted parts from 2D artwork, quickly and easily. Mastercam Art is simple process transforms your flat art into a beautifully sculpted piece that comes off the machine with exactly the look you want. What would …

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Mastercam X7 Multiaxis toolpaths Tutorial

  Using this tutorial, you will learn the advanced features of mastercam to start using 4-5 axis machining. You will need to know all the basic features in Mastercam Mill before taking this Course. Multi-Axis Features includes Curve, Port, Swarf, Multi-surface, and many more.  Exercise-based training takes you step by …

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Break at intersection with mastercam

Select Break at intersection from the Edit, Trim / Break dropdown menus. Break at intersection function Use this function to select one or more intersecting line, arc, or spline entities and break them at each intersection. Use selection masks, the Single selection, or Window selection methods to select the entities …

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Editing functions overview in mastercam

Editing functions overview Use the following Mastercam functions to edit existing entities: Convert NURBS: Converts lines, arcs, and parametric splines to NURBS splines, and curve-generated and parametric surfaces to NURBS surfaces. Join entities: Joins collinear lines, arcs that have the same center and radius, or splines that were originally created …

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