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Mastercam Help

Common Mastercam buttons

In Mastercam, there are buttons that appear in most or many dialog boxes and ribbon bars. A few of these may also appear in toolbars or menus. These common buttons have universal functions throughout the interface. Their images and functional descriptions are as follows:

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Mastercam shortcut keys

Mastercam shortcut keys Mastercam provides both predetermined shortcut keys (hotkeys) and the ability to custom assign your own shortcut keys through the Key mapping dialog box. The following list contains most of the default Mastercam shortcut keys: Alt+1 – Gview – Top Alt+2 – Gview – Front Alt+3 – Gview …

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Operations Manager in mastercam

Operations Manager The Operations Manager (shown below) houses the Toolpath Manager, Solids Manager, and—if Art is installed—the Art Manager. It is located to the left of the graphics window. Mastercam displays the Operations Manager by default. To hide it, choose View, Toggle Operations Manager. Use the Toggle Operations Manager command …

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Interface elements in mastercam

Interface elements A short description of each element of the Mastercam interface follows: Menu bar Contains menus that let you access all Mastercam features and functions. Click or hover over the menu choice to view its commands. Some of the commands have images next to them so you can quickly …

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Mastercam interface overview

The Mastercam interface consists of many distinct elements. At the top of the screen is the menu bar (File, Edit, View, etc.). Below the menu bar are the toolbars, the AutoCursor™ ribbon bar, the General Selection ribbon bar, and the ribbon bar for the current function. Click the thumbnail graphic …

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Mastercam file paths

Mastercam uses many types of data files, each of which is identified on disk by its file name extension. As of X5, a Mastercam version number is appended to most extensions.To simplify Mastercam Help and documentation, file types are referenced by their general names, rather than their actual file name …

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