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Mastercam General Selection ribbon bar

The General Selection ribbon bar displays by default. If it is not shown on your screen, choose a function such as a Sketcher function to display General Selection.

General Selection ribbon bar


Use the General Selection ribbon bar to select entities in the graphics window for most Mastercam functions. This ribbon bar has a Standard Selection mode and a Solids Selection mode. For more information on these modes, please see the href=”Standard_Selection_Solid_Selection_overview.htm”>Standard Selection/Solids Selection overview topic.

The General Selection ribbon bar is active any time you are not already in a function such as Sketcher, Analyze, or View Manipulation. When you are using those types of functions, you may be prompted to select an entity or position, but note that the ribbon bar is not active.

You can use your cursor or combinations of your cursor and keystrokes to select entities. Selection in Mastercam is consistent with Windows selection methods. For more information, please see Guidelines for selecting entities (General Selection).


  • AutoCursor is not available when the General Selection ribbon bar is active.
  • Left-click a selection method to choose it for a single selection event. Right-click a method to lock it for multiple selections.
  • To narrow the selection of entities, use Mastercam’s masking function. Choose either the All (M2) or Only (M3) buttons to open dialog boxes where you can select the types of entities you want to include or exclude when using General Selection.
  • To finalize multiple-entity selections, press [Enter], or click the End Selection (M4) button in the ribbon bar. Note, however, that you can end a series of selections by double-clicking the last entity of the selection. For example, to select three lines using the single selection method, click the first two lines. Then double-click the third line to end the selection process. (The double-click method does not work with polygon and vector selections, which instead use the double-click to complete the polygon or vector.)
  • To unselect currently selected entities, while at the same time selecting all unselected entities, click the Invert Selection button (M5).
  • To reselect the entity (or entities) selected for the previous operation, click the Select last button (M6).


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