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Mastercam Fillet ribbon bar

Choose Create, Fillet, Entities.
Fillet ribbon bar

Use this ribbon bar to apply fillets to existing entities. Before selecting the entities to fillet, choose the fillet style (normal, inverse, circle, clearance), and enter the desired radius value. Then choose the first and second entities. Mastercam’s auto-preview feature displays a temporary fillet at the selected location.
You can also choose to trim to the fillet or to leave the selected lines untrimmed. Trimming is the default, so for no trimming, select the No Trim button.
 This function does not recognize chains. Use the Fillet Chain ribbon bar to fillet chained entities.
 AutoCursor is unavailable during the use of this ribbon bar.
Shortcut Keys
R – Radius (defines fillet radius)
S – Style (defines fillet style)
A – Additional Clearance distance
T – Trim (trims entity to fillet)
N – No Trim (does not trim entity to fillet)
P – Apply
O – OK (fixes live entity and exits function)

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