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Mastercam Fillet Chain ribbon bar

Choose Create, Fillet, Chains.

Fillet Chain ribbon bar


Use this ribbon bar to apply fillets to existing chained entities. When you open this ribbon bar, the Chaining dialog box opens, and you are prompted to chain an entity. Chain the entity (or entities) to which you want to apply the fillet. When you close the chaining dialog box, Mastercam’s auto-preview marks the chained entities for filleting as shown here:


To accept the default fillet values, press the Apply button. You can change the fillet settings any time before clicking the Apply button.

You can also choose to trim to the fillet or to leave the selected lines untrimmed. Trimming is the default, so for no trimming, select the No Trim button.


  • AutoCursor is unavailable during the use of this ribbon bar.
  • Use this function to fillet entities that have sharp corners and can be recognized as a single chained entity (i.e., rectangles and polygons).
  • Use the Fillet ribbon bar to create single fillets.
  • The ability to fillet only inside or outside corners of a chained boundary is particularly useful during geometry creation for wire EDM parts (punches and dies). These parts often require different radius values on inside versus outside corners in order to provide adequate corner clearance.

Shortcut Keys

C –  Chain (chains entities)

R – Radius

D – Direction

S – Style (defines fillet style)

A – Additional Clearance distance

T – Trim (trims entity to fillet)

N – Not Trim (does not trim entity to fillet)

P – Apply (applies/accepts fillets created by chaining entities)

O – OK (fixes live entity and exits function)


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