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Mastercam file paths

Mastercam uses many types of data files, each of which is identified on disk by its file name extension. As of X5, a Mastercam version number is appended to most extensions.To simplify Mastercam Help and documentation, file types are referenced by their general names, rather than their actual file name extensions. For example, the file type MCX refers to any Mastercam part file, regardless of the version or the actual extension (such as MCX-5). Similarly, the file type CONTROL refers to a control definition, regardless of the version or the actual extension (such as CONTROL-5).

In most instances, the new file name extensions are formed by appending a hyphen followed by the Mastercam version, as shown in the following table.

File Type Extension before Mastercam X5 Extension after Mastercam X5
Part file .mcx .mcx-#a
Educational version part file .emcx .emcx-#
Mastercam defaults file .defaults .defaults-#
Material library .materials .materials-#
Operations library .operations .operations-#
Component library .gmd .gmd-#
Lathe machine definition .lmd .lmd-#
Mill machine definition .mmd .mmd-#
Router machine definition .rmd .rmd-#
Wire machine definition .wmd .wmd-#
Control definition .control .control-#
Tool library .tools .tools-#.tooldb


  1. Where “#” is the current Mastercam version. For example, a Mastercam X5 part file’s extension is .mcx-5.


Note:The .power, .nc, and .nci file name extensions remain unaffected.

For post processing files, Mastercam X5 supports the file name extensions that were in effect before its release and the new extensions introduced with Mastercam X5, as seen in the following table:

File Type Old Extension New Extension
Post file .pst .mcpost
Encrypted binary post file .psb .mcbpost
Source file for encrypted binary post .psm .mcdpost
Setup sheet .set .set (unchanged)


Future Mastercam releases will use only the new extensions introduced with Mastercam X5.

IMPORTANT: Changing your posts to use the new extension is a manual process. If you do change the extension of your .pst file, existing control definitions do not automatically recognize the new extension. For each renamed post, you must build a new control definition and import the settings from the old control definition. The generic machine and control definitions supplied with X5 have already been updated to use the renamed posts.




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