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Mastercam Curve Parting Line ribbon bar

Choose Create, Curve, Part Line Curve.

Curve Parting Line ribbon bar


Use this ribbon bar to create parting line curves. This ribbon bar gives you options that determine the quality of the curve and its angle.

In the following graphic, the red line represents the parting line curve, where the surface wraps out of view. The green lines represent the front of the surface (positive surface normal), and the gray lines represent the back of the surface (negative surface normal).




  • This function is often used with mold-making.
  • This function uses the Cplane to determine what line(s) to create.
  • AutoCursor is unavailable during the use of this ribbon bar.

Shortcut Keys

Q – Curve quality

A – Parting angle

P – Apply

O – OK (fixes live entity and exits function)


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