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Mastercam Curve On One Edge ribbon bar

Choose Create, Curve, Curve on One Edge.

Curve on one edge ribbon bar


Use this ribbon bar to create a curve on a single surface edge.

After you select a surface, move the dynamic arrow to the edge on which you want to create the curve. Then enter a value in the Break Angle field and press [Enter].

Mastercam looks ahead on the straight line of the surface edge and calculates the end of the edge at the point where the line turns by a value greater than or equal to the defined Break Angle.

  • For untrimmed NURBS and parametric spline surfaces, exact curves are created where possible. Chord height, tolerance-fitted curves are created for all other surface types.
  • For trimmed surface edges, a chord height, tolerance-fitted cubic NURBS curve is created. Use the Fit Arcs and Lines button to create arcs and lines where possible.

Note: AutoCursor is unavailable during the use of this ribbon bar.

Shortcut Keys

B – Break angle

F – Fit arcs and lines

P – Apply

O – OK (fixes live entity and exits function)


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