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Mastercam Curve Intersection ribbon bar

Choose Create, Curve, Curve at Intersection.


Curve Intersection ribbon bar


Use this ribbon bar to create curves at the intersections between two sets of surfaces. Mastercam pairs each entity in the first set with each entity in the second set and creates curves at the intersecting locations.

The following graphic shows two shaded intersecting surfaces. To view the same surfaces in wireframe view, move your mouse over the graphic. The red lines in the wireframe picture are the curves that were created along the surface intersections.




  • When you first open this ribbon bar, it will be disabled and you will be prompted to select the first set of surfaces. After you select the set of surfaces, press Enter, select the second set of surfaces, and press Enter again. Only then will you be able to use the fields and buttons on the ribbon bar.
  • If you choose to intersect only surfaces, you may select them in one set containing a minimum of two surfaces. In this case, Mastercam attempts to create curves by pairing each surface in the set with every other surface in the set. In certain instances, however, having only one set of surfaces could prove more time consuming. For example, if you have multiple surface walls and a single surface floor in one set, the system looks for intersections between all walls and the floor. If, however, you select the walls as one set of surfaces and the floor as the second set of surfaces, Mastercam looks for intersections only between each wall and the floor.
  • AutoCursor is unavailable during the use of this ribbon bar.

Shortcut Keys

Q – Curve Quality

1 – Set 1

S – Offset 1

2 – Set 2

F – Offset 2

K – Pick Pair

J – Join

M – Find Multiples

P – Apply

O – OK (fixes live entity and exits function)


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