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Mastercam AutoCursor ribbon bar

The AutoCursor ribbon bar displays by default. If it is not shown on your screen, choose a function such as a Sketcher function to display AutoCursor.

AutoCursor™ ribbon bar


Use the AutoCursor® ribbon bar to manually enter X, Y, and Z positions, or to detect and snap to points as you move the cursor over geometry on the screen. AutoCursor becomes active whenever Mastercam prompts you to select a position on the screen.

Note: If you undock AutoCursor when you are not using a function that requires it, AutoCursor will disappear. It will reappear each time you initiate a function that requires interaction. For example, creating geometry using Sketcher functions.

Click the links below to view details on Mastercam’s AutoCursor functionality:

class=”dropspot” href=”javascript:TextPopup(this)” id=”a3″>Visual Cues

When a position is detected, AutoCursor displays a Visual Cue to the right of the cursor. The Visual Cues indicate which type of position is detected. If AutoCursor does not detect any points, it defaults to the active Sketcher function, letting you enter a point at any position.

AutoCursor’s Override mode

The AutoCursor Override allows you to choose only one type of point to detect and snap to.


While the override is in effect, all other point types configured for AutoCursor are ignored. You can set temporary overrides by left-clicking to select a point type in the list. You can also lock overrides for arc centers, endpoints, intersections, midpoints, points, and quadrants by right-clicking to select them from the drop-down list.

When AutoCursor is in a locked override mode, none of the buttons on the ribbon bar will be active. Live entities cannot be edited or even accepted with the Apply button, the OK button, or the [Enter] key. You must press the [Esc] key to cancel the locked override mode to continue.

Shortcut Keys (Power Keys)

X – X field

Y – Y field

Z – Z field

Spacebar – FastPoint mode

O – Origin override*

C – Arc Center point override*

E – Endpoint override*

G – Along override*

I – Intersection override*

M – Midpoint override*

Q – Quadrant override*

P – Point override*

*Available only when Enable power keys is selected in the AutoCursor Settings dialog box.


  • Holding the [Shift] key down while pressing a field’s shortcut key hard-locks that field.
  • If you enable power keys in the href=”AutoCursor_Settings_dialog_box.htm”>AutoCursor Settings dialog box, you can type a power key when selecting a point to activate the override.


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