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Mastercam AutoCursor Override feature

AutoCursor Override feature


When selecting positions in the graphics window, you can use Mastercam’s AutoCursor override feature to detect and snap to only one type of point position. Setting an override is particularly helpful when working with complex geometry. To use this feature, click the Override drop-down button (shown below next to the Override button).


To temporarily override all AutoCursor selection modes and select a single type of point position from the drop-down list, left-click the type in the override drop-down menu and select your position. The Override button appears enabled (as shown below).

Enabled Override button –O2

After you select a single position, you can select any type of position. The Override button appears disabled (as shown below).

Disabled Override button –O3

You can select multiple, same-type positions for some override types by locking the Override button into the enabled mode. To lock an override position so that the override type remains enabled for multiple selections, right-click on any of the override options highlighted below:


The Override button remains enabled until you disable (unlock) it by clicking the button or pressing [Esc].

You can also use power keys to override AutoCursor settings, provided they have been enabled in the AutoCursor Settings dialog box.


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