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Mastercam Art tutorial for artworks

Mastercam Art lets you go from “art to part” allowing you to create sophisticated 3D sculpted parts from 2D artwork, quickly and easily. Mastercam Art is simple process transforms your flat art into a beautifully sculpted piece that comes off the machine with exactly the look you want. What would have taken an advanced surface modeler weeks to do, you can now create, and modify in minutes.

With Mastercam Art, you can enter precise values. You can also use the mouse to dynamically enter values based on selected geometry, surfaces, planes, or positions. Design “by eye” and get great results without worrying about precise mathematical dimensions.

Mastercam Art provides iterative editing through the Art Manager history tree. The Art Manager functions make it easy to experiment with different settings until the model meets your specifications.

Experimentation is fun and productive because at any point, you can quickly undo and redo your modeling steps. The Art Manager, a central place where you work with the Art model, records and displays an historical list of operations for every Art model. Use the Undo and Redo functions at any time to view the list, and, with a single selection, roll back or restore a single change, or an entire series of changes to the Art model.

Once you have modeled your project, Mastercam Art gives you a wide variety of cutting techniques to ensure the finished part is exactly as you imagined it. A robust set of easy-to-use toolpaths has been developed specifically for cutting artistic surfaces. These new machining strategies are ultra-fast and accurate. Our tests have shown that to create a toolpath on a complex Art model generally takes less than 30 seconds! Tapered, flat, ball, and bull cutters are all supported with these toolpaths.

mastercam art tutorial

Table of content.

Art Surface Modeling. 2

Overview.. 2

Mastercam Art overview.. 2

Mastercam Art terms and concepts. 2

Mastercam Art nested chain recognition. 3

Mastercam Art process workflow.. 4

Classic Design Library overview.. 7

Art Manager. 8

Art Manager overview.. 8

Art Manager. 10

Art Manager right-click menus. 11

Art base surface statistics dialog box. 13

Art Shading Settings dialog box. 13

Surface display options dialog box. 14

Designing Art models. 14

Art base surface functions. 14

Art surface operations. 22

Open and Save as dialog boxes (Art). 64

Decrease resolution parameters dialog box. 65

Trace Art model at Z plane slice dialog box. 65

Working with Art Surface Library Files. 66

Creating an Art Surface Library file (Copy). 69

Pasting an Art Surface Library File (.ASL). 72

Importing geometry from the Classic Design Library. 74

Copy ABS Area to libary dialog box. 75

Redefine Keys dialog box. 75

Paste Art surface parameters dialog box. 76

Import ASCII parameters dialog box. 77

Import STL parameters dialog box. 77

Export STL parameter dialog box. 78

Create Mastercam Surfaces from Art Model dialog box. 78

Adding light effects to the Art base surface. 79

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