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Masetercam Line perpendicular ribbon bar

Choose Create, Line, Perpendicular.

Line perpendicular ribbon bar


Use this ribbon bar to create a line perpendicular to existing entities. Create the line’s first endpoint by selecting an existing line, arc, or spline. Mastercam then displays a line that you can slide into the position you want. Choose the line’s second endpoint by clicking in the graphic’s window.By selecting the ribbon bar’s Tangent button (), you can create a line that is both perpendicular to a line and tangent to an arc. First, select a line or arc. Then select a second line or arc. (Select an arc if the first entity you chose was a line, and a line if the first entity you chose was an arc.) When you choose the second entity, Mastercam creates multiple line possibilities and prompts you to select one to keep.

To set the length of the perpendicular line, enter a value in the Length field, press [Enter], and then select the two existing entities. As long as the perpendicular line remains live, you can also use the Length field to change its length.


  • To use the tangent feature of this ribbon bar, you must have at least two entities in the graphics window, and one of them must be an arc.
  • When creating lines perpendicular to arcs or splines, select the entity by clicking closest to the point from which you want the perpendicular line to originate. If you do not click near the desired start position, you may get unexpected results. For example, if you are creating a line perpendicular to a circle and you want the start point of the line to be located in one of the top two quadrants, selecting the circle in a bottom quadrant will force the start point of the line to be positioned relative to the bottom portion of the circle.
  • When creating lines perpendicular to arcs, the line can be created on an extended portion of the selected arc.
  • After you choose the Edit Endpoint 1 button, AutoCursor is available to reposition the endpoint.

Shortcut Keys

1 – Edit endpoint 1 (edits endpoint)

F – Flip

L – Length (defines line length)

T – Tangent (creates lines tangent to an arc)

P – Apply

O – OK (fixes live entity and exits function)


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