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Manufacturing Milling overview siemens NX


Manufacturing Milling includes the operations and parameters you use to create Milling operations. You can create Milling operations for planar or contouring tool paths. There are several types of operations in Manufacturing Milling, for example, Planar Milling, Cavity Milling, and Face Milling operations. The type of operation that you create depends on the type of machining you want to perform and the geometry being machined.

In Milling operations, you can:

  • Create tool paths for both roughing and finishing operations.

  • Create cutting tools.

  • Specify feeds and speeds.

  • Specify a fixed or variable tool axis.

  • Set common parameters for different Milling operations.

See the CAM Express Tutorials to learn more about selecting operation types.

Where do I find it?




Insert→Create Operation



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