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Manufacturing Advanced Programming overview siemens NX

The Advanced Programming module assists you in programming machines that can simultaneously execute multiple channel NC programs. It includes a method for synchronizing the channel programs by adding synchronization and wait codes to the tool path, as well as simulation and time calculation features to verify and optimize the NC program.

The Advanced Programming module supports any type of merging lathe from Vertical Turret Lathes (single spindle with two independent turrets/heads) to complex production centers (multiple spindles and multiple independent turrets). The system provides motion simulation and tool, turret, and spindle control that is characteristic of this machining environment.

Advanced Programming offers:

  • An interactive process for synchronizing multiple tool motion sequences (multiple tool paths).

  • Real time simulation of the motion during the interaction and of the final results.

Where do I find it?

When you are in the Manufacturing application and have created operations, press MB3 on the program group containing the operations and select Tool Path→Synchronize.

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