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Manipulating Sketches within Sketcher

Manipulate Sketches using:
– Cut/Copy/Paste
– Scale and Rotate
– Translate

Manipulating Sketches within Sketcher 1
Figure 1 — Scaled and Rotated

Manipulating Sketches within Sketcher 2

Figure 2 — Rotating a Sketch
Manipulating Sketches within Sketcher
You can cut, copy, and paste sketched entities. To do this, you can use either
the context-sensitive right-mouse pop-up menu or icons in the ribbon. You
can perform cut, copy, and paste operations from within a sketch or from
one sketch to another.
Scaling and Rotating Sketches
You can also scale and rotate selected sketch entities. The first available
operations when you paste sketched entities into a sketch are scaling and
rotating the pasted entities. You can scale and rotate existing sketch entities
by selecting them and clicking Rotate Resize
the ribbon, or by right-clicking and selecting Rotate Resize.
from the Editing group in
You can scale and rotate entities either by editing the fields in the dashboard
or using the drag handles that appear on the entities.
• Click and drag the Location handle
to move the entities about Sketcher.
To help properly place the entities, you can right-click and drag to relocate
the Location handle.
• Click and drag the Scaling handle
to dynamically scale the entities or
type a value in the Scaling factor field in the dashboard.
• Click and drag the Rotate handle
to dynamically rotate the entities
about the Location handle, or type a value in the Rotating angle field in
the dashboard.
You can also move the Location handle to a specified location in the sketch
by activating the Reference collector in the dashboard. When you select a
reference, the Location handle snaps onto the reference.
Translating Sketches
Another available operation you can perform on pasted sketches is translating
entities. To translate a sketch, you can either click and drag the Location
handle or type a distance value into the fields in the dashboard. The Translate
Reference is the location by which the translation distances are measured.
The sketch can be translated parallel (horizontal) and perpendicular (vertical)
to the Translate Reference. You can retain the default translate reference
or you can specify a different one

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