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Managing Systems Revit mep

Systemsare the logical connection between elements in the model. They are the link between the air terminal, the variable air volume (VAV) box, and the air handler, and they represent an additional layer of information above the physical connections made with duct and pipe.
Without systems, ducts and pipes act only as connections between two points. Systems are needed to generate the bigger picture and allow you to manage the elements on a building-wide level. You can create systems to represent supply, return, and exhaust air as well as plumbing, fire-protection, and hydronic piping. You can also create systems to represent other uses of duct and pipe outside the predefined types included in Revit MEP 2012.
Systems aid in the documentation of a model. Because elements across the entire model are linked together, tags and other properties can be managed quickly and accurately. The best example of this is using a pipe tag that includes not only the size, but also the system name.
Tagging any piece of pipe connected to the system, in any view, will immediately generate a complete and accurate annotation

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