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Machining Feature Navigator siemens NX

The Machining Feature Navigator palette has two hierarchical views that you use to create and manage all machining features in a Manufacturing part file. The Feature View shows features in the context of the part or assembly to which they belong. The Group View shows features in the context of the workpiece and the MCS. The Machining Feature Navigator also includes the following:

  • An optional customizable Details panel to review and change attributes.

  • An optional Preview panel to view a custom bitmap representing the selected feature and its parameters.

You can change the order and width of the columns in the navigator. To control the feature types and attributes shown, configure and save multiple filters to use on different parts.

Use the Machining Feature Navigator to:

  • Create feature processes.

    You can control the scope of the feature process by selecting features, or you can create a feature process for the entire part.

  • Find machining features.

  • Create or delete features.

  • Override attributes

  • Create user defined events for each feature and operation.

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Machining Feature Navigator

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