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Linking a Simulation Feature to a Parameter solidworks simulation

You can now link parameters to Simulation or Motion study features from a unified interface. Use the parameterized Motion features in design studies to perform optimization or evaluate specific scenarios of your design.

To link a parameter to a Simulation or Motion study feature:

  1. Click Insert > Design Study > Parameters, or click the Design Study tab and under Variables, select Add Parameter.
  2. In the Parameters dialog box, under Name, type a name for the parameter.
  3. Under Category select one of the following:
    Option Description
    Simulation To link to a Simulation feature
    Motion To link to a Motion feature
  4. Click the Simulation or Motion study tab and select the feature that you want to link to the parameter from the study tree.

    Motion features that can be linked to parameters include: motors, springs, dampers, contact, and study properties. You can only link one motion feature to a parameter.


    The selected feature appears in Item Selection. A list of valid components appear in Component Link.

  5. In Component Link, select one component to link to the parameter.
  6. Under Properties, type a numeric value in the Value field, or select Expression and enter an appropriate expression for the parameter type.

    You can enter comments in Comment (optional). Your comments appear in the Comment field under Parameters.

  7. Click Apply.

    An asterisk appears under Linked to show that the highlighted parameter is now linked.

  8. You can continue adding new parameters or click OK to exit the dialog.

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