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Lighting Fixture Schedules Revit mep

The Type Mark parameter is a useful way to assign a unique identifier to each fixture type within your project and eliminates the need for a custom parameter. If you use a standard set of fixtures for each design, you might consider naming each family type within your fixture families and using the Type name to identify your fixtures in a schedule. The family type name
shows up as Type in the Available Fields list, as shown in Figure 7.19.
The URL parameter can be used for any component and is particularly useful for lighting fixtures. You can input a link to the cut sheet of a lighting fixture into its URL parameter for quick access to the additional information that a cut sheet provides. Because a manufacturer’s website can change at any time, it is not recommended that you provide a link directly to a web page but
rather to a downloaded file. Figure 7.20 shows an example of a lighting fixture schedule with a URL column. The cut sheet file opens when you click the small box at the right of the URL cell.

Figure 7.19
Family Type option in the Available
Fields list

The paths you provide in URL parameters are not relative, so if you share or submit your Revit project file, the links will be inactive unless you also share the cut sheets and you create new paths for the URL parameters

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