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Library Values solidworks simulation

The Library Values folder contains all input values related to defining a load, fixture, or connection item marked as a library feature.

For example, when you define a load, you provide numerical values for the components of the load. When you mark this load as a library feature, the numerical values appear in the Library Values folder. Each input value will be represented by a separate item in the Library Values folder. Unless marked as Internal Values (described below), you can change any numerical value and define lower and upper bounds.


As for library references, you can rename the first part of a value. For example, in the value Force dir Y@RemoteLoads-1, you can change the text “Force dir Y” to any other text of your preference. However, you cannot rename the second part of a reference name.

Renaming a Value

To rename a value:

  1. In the Simulation study tree, select the desired value in the Library Values folder.
  2. Click-pause-click the value name.
  3. Type the new name.

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