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Library References solidworks simulation

Lists the references that you need to specify when you insert this feature.

When you define a load or a fixture and add it to a library, the software creates at least one item in the Library References folder. The Library References folder lists all selections related to defining a load, fixture, or connection library feature.

For example, when you define a load, fixture, or connection, you select a load/fixture/connection entity, a reference geometry to define direction (if applicable), and provide numerical value(s) for that load, fixture, or connection. When you add the feature to the library, the software creates an item in the Library References folder for each selection you made when you defined the feature. Items corresponding to the feature values are created in the Library Values folder as described in the following section.

Consider the following library part document.


To rename a reference:

  1. In the Simulation study tree, select the desired reference in the Library References folder.
  2. Click-pause-click the reference name.
  3. Type the new name.

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