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Level dialog delcam crispin

Use this dialog to name and display levels.


The above example shows the pre-set level options in their default view settings. You can change these, but as the program can handle up to 1000 levels, it is recommended that you leave the pre-sets in place and create more levels when you need them.

The cursor/construction level (located by default on Level 998/999) is used by the intelligent cursor to create the construction lines.
We strongly recommend that you do not remove or rename this level. You can switch it on, but the program can become confusing to use when all the construction objects are displayed.

Apply to – Use this option to specify where you want to change the levels. For example you might want to have the same model viewed in one window with all objects visible, but in another window with some objects hidden. Select one of the following:

Model – Change levels in all the windows of the model.

Window – Change levels in only the selected window of the model.

View – Change levels in only the selected view of a drawing.

Level – Each level has a number. Visible levels are indicated by . Hidden levels are indicated by . You can turn ON a level by clicking and OFF by clicking . You can type in a new name for a level or edit an existing name.

If the model is shaded and you turn on a level, you can view the model in wireframe mode by pressing the button next to the progress bar on the status bar whilst the level is opening.

You can also turn levels on and off using:

Levels toolbar.

Drop-down list on the status toolbar.

If you type 15 in the drop-down list, level 15 is switched on.

If you type 15 B surfaces, level 15 is switched on and named. This happens even if level 15 is not currently named or used and is therefore not displayed in the drop-down list.

Options – This menu has three options:

Set All – Set all levels to be visible (apart from the Cursor level).

Unset All – Set all levels to be hidden.

Copy Names – Copy level names from another open model.

Filter – This menu is at the top of the dialog. It controls which levels are shown in the dialog. Each option has a toggle, allowing you to select any of the options.

Used shows only the levels being used in the current ShoeMaker window.

Named shows only the levels with names, even if your model is not using them.

On shows only the levels which are set to ON (that is the levels that are visible).

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