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Lesson 1- Artcam Pro Basic


Artcam pro
Artcam pro

This video will demonstrate complete process from design Toolpath

  1. The first step we will define the position and dimension of the vector, and we going to create circle center inner of Extrusion
  2. Next, we will move to create a leaf, draw a poly line, and controlling two points at the top and the end of the leaf to get the leaf we want, then we get rid of unnecessary line.
  3. After that we are going to create cross section, and then create cross section which is going to be the leaf
  4. We open two window to help us see both 2D Geometry and 3D Geometry, then we click Two Rail Sweep and selecting the values
  5. To save the time we using Mirror inside somewhere to create another leaf

This is also a short brief of the full video, this video has so many detailed information to help Artcam users use Artcam Pro more professionally.

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