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Laying Out the Walls Autocad

For most floor plans, the walls come first. As you begin to define the interior of
your cabin further by adding a closet and bathroom, certain relationships can
be established with lines that are already in your drawing. By recognizing these
relationships, you won’t need to draw as many new lines as you might expect.
In this chapter, I’ll show you how to build most of the new walls from the four
exterior wall lines you drew in the previous chapter.
Take a moment to study the floor plan in Figure 4.1 to begin visualizing the
many relationships that exist between the exterior wall boundary drawn in
Chapter 3 (shown in bold) and the remaining linework that makes up the floor
plan. One easily identified relationship is among the lines that create the exterior
wall definition. Most of the final exterior wall definition follows the outline
drawn in Chapter 3. For this reason, the best strategy is to build on the existing
linework by using a series of commands found on the Modify panel on the Home
tab of the Ribbon.
Laying Out the Walls
F igu re 4 . 1 : The exterior wall boundary drawn in Chapter 3 overlaid onto the cabin floor plan
It’s possible to apply a similar strategy as both the bathroom and closet are
considered. Both spaces share similar relationships with the exterior wall definitions
adjacent to them. Because Modify commands allow new objects to be
created from existing objects, these relationships are easily maintained as the
spaces are defined.
After you build the four exterior wall lines, you’ll cut four openings in these
walls (interior and exterior) for the doorways

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