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Join Face siemens NX

Use the Join Face command to join faces on a body.

You can choose from the following two methods:

On Same Surface

Remove redundant faces, edges, and vertices from selected bodies.

If you subdivide a face and subsequently discover that you no longer need the subdivision, you can use this option to remove the unwanted edges and faces.

Convert to B-Surface

Join multiple faces into a single B-surface type face. The selected faces must be adjacent to each other, belong to the same body, have matching U-V box ranges, and the edges at which they join must be isoparametric.

When you select more than two faces to join, the faces are matched in pairs and must be selected in order so that the matching pairs share edges.


Select mulitple faces in order to maintain matching pairs
Where do I find it?




FeatureCombine Drop-downJoin Face


InsertCombineJoin Face

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