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Introduce 3d Scuplting Software Jdpaint

Jdpaint is a 3d software of Jindao China, they make this for cnc router use NC Studio and Eng 3D control. With its first version, it can be the powerful carving 3d. It can be creat 3d, edit, and friendly interface, more compitive than other soft.


Its 2d tool like autocad, the bestknow about 2d soft, but lite and add more function to quickly creat feature. And with the modify tool and text, Jdpaint is like Corel and add more tool with edit curve and text, so we use it flexible for work.

Next, it have tool for  creat and edit 2.5D model for culpting. With tool for fast modeling in Menu Art Surface, it can help you to creat model faster than you seen ever before. With layer tool like photoshop you can creat each feature separately and modify with no effect to another. You can modify, move ( 2d-3d), project ( wrap a feature to surface), scale, shear,…

When change to virtual scupling tool you will have different interface. And you can see a lot of new tool for modify, effect, smooth and modify by color and more command to wait for you.

Surfacemodelingtoolhave more powerful for surface3D . And after creat model you can  creat program and machining it with your CNC machine.

You can see some video to know more about it:

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