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Inserting the Window Block

Several factors come into play when you’re deciding where to locate windows in a floor plan:
▶▶ The structure of the building
▶▶ The appearance of windows from outside the building

▶▶ The appearance of windows from inside a room
▶▶ The location of fixtures that might interfere with placement
▶▶ The sun angle and climate considerations
For this exercise, you’ll work on the windows for each room, starting with the
kitchen. You’ll create a total of five windows: two 3′-0″ windows, one 4′-0″ window,
one 5′-0″ window, and one 6′-0″ window (see Figure 7.29).

Inserting the Window Block
F igu re 7 . 2 9 : The cabin’s window sizes and locations

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