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Inserting the Door Block

You’ll use the INSERT command to place the A-DOOR-36IN (A-DOOR-0915)
block back into the drawing:
1. Make sure I07-01-DoorBlock.dwg (M07-01-DoorBlock.dwg) is open,
and set the A-DOOR layer as the current layer.
2. Click the Insert button found on the Insert tab ➢ Block panel, and
select the A-DOOR-36IN (A-DOOR-0915) block from the Block gallery
shown in Figure 7.9.

Inserting the Door Block 1
F igu re 7 . 9 : Selecting a block from the Block gallery
This starts the INSERT command with the most-common settings
specified by default.
3. The preview of A-DOOR-36IN (A-DOOR-0915) is attached at the hinge
point coinciding with the intersection of the crosshairs (see Figure 7.10).

Inserting the Door Block 2

F igu re 7 . 1 0 : The A-DOOR-36IN (A-DOOR-0915) block attached to the cursor

The command line reads Specify insertion point or
4. With the Endpoint osnap running, move the cursor toward the right
end of the lower jamb line in the back door opening.
5. When the Endpoint marker appears at the jamb line’s lower-right
endpoint (shown in Figure 7.11), click.
The A-DOOR-36IN (A-DOOR-0915) block is no longer attached to
the cursor, its insertion point has been placed at the right end of the
lower jamb line, and the block is placed in the drawing.

Inserting the Door Block 3
F igu re 7 . 1 1 : Placing the A-DOOR-36IN (A-DOOR-0915) block with the
Endpoint object snap
6. Save your drawing as I07-02-BlockInsert.dwg (M07-02-
BlockInsert.dwg) by choosing Application menu ➢ Save As ➢
In addition to the insertion point, blocks also provide the ability to specify a
rotation angle along with separate X, Y, and Z scale factors. Using these options,
you can stretch or flip blocks horizontally by specifying a negative X scale factor,
or vertically by specifying a negative Y scale factor—or you can rotate
them from their original orientations. Because you created the A-DOOR-36IN
(A-DOOR-0915) block from the door and swing that occupied the back door
opening, and the size was the same, inserting this block back into the back door
opening required no rotation, so you used the defaults.

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