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Input Points from a File siemens NX

For many Modeling functions, you can input point data by specifying a file name. When you choose the Points From File option, the Point File dialog is displayed.

When you use a point file, an object attribute named POINT_FILE is attached to the new object. For splines, this attribute is attached to the curve. For free form features, it is attached to the body. This attribute is for information only – no other association between the point file and the part file is maintained.

When an object is edited using a point file, the POINT_FILE attribute is updated with the latest file name. If no POINT_FILE attribute exists, a new one is created.

Input Coordinates

The Point File dialog box lets you specify the format of the input points using the following options:


Reads the point data in the current WCS.


Will read the point data in the Absolute CSYS.

File Types and Formats

There are three types of point files:

  • Series of Points

  • Series of Points with Slope and Curvature

  • Rows of Points

Generic Rules

Regardless of the type of file, there are several general rules:

  • Point data is formatted with one point per line.

    This line consists of the XYZ coordinates, separated by either tabs or blanks. Some functions accept additional data, which follows the coordinate information on the same line.

  • All input files are simple text files.

  • Blank lines are ignored.

  • A pound sign (#) can be used to mark the start of a comment.

    The pound sign can be put anywhere on the line. When the pound sign is encountered, the rest of the line is ignored.

  • Once the maximum number of values has been read from a line, the rest of the line is ignored.

  • The maximum line length is 132 characters. If a line has more than 132 characters, it is truncated.

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