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If You Would Like More Practice…

At the start of this chapter, you learned how workspaces can dramatically change the overall appearance of AutoCAD. This was illustrated in the “Exploring the User Interface” section, as you switched between workspaces that ship with the software. Although many find the default workspaces more than adequate, others prefer custom-tailoring the UI to the way they work.
From customizing the Ribbon to loading toolbars and beyond, AutoCAD
provides a large collection of tools to personalize its layout. Regardless of the
extent of your customization efforts, that configuration will be lost unless it’s
first saved as a workspace.
Follow these steps to ensure your customizations remain the next time you
start AutoCAD:
1. Click the Workspace Switching button on the status bar, and choose
Save Current As from the menu, as shown on the top in Figure 1.27.
This opens the Save Workspace dialog box, shown on the bottom in
Figure 1.27.

If You Would Like More Practice…

F igu re 1 . 2 7 : The Save Workspace dialog box

2. Type AutoCAD NER as the name for the workspace and click Save.
The dialog box closes, and you are returned to your workspace.
Until you change it or select a different workspace, the AutoCAD
NER workspace setup will remain as it is now.
When you make changes to a workspace by adding a toolbar or changing the
background color of the drawing area, you can easily update the current workspace to accommodate those changes. Follow steps 1 and 2, naming the workspace again with the same name. You’ll get a warning window telling you that a workspace by that name already exists and asking whether you want the new arrangement to replace the old one. Click Yes.

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