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How to importing 3D model into Mastercam

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hình minh họa

This tutorial will assist in:

1. Importing a 3D Model into MasterCAM

2. Prepare the model for creating a usable tool path

3. Set machining parameters

4. Design a tool path (for both rough and finish cuts)

5. Export the tool path g-code as a machine ready *.nc file

BACKGROUND: MasterCAM is a powerful software able to both design 3-D models and prepare files for machining. This tutorial will focus exclusively on the latter capabilities. More specifically, this tutorial will enable you to create a machine-ready file (for example, a *.nc file) from an imported 3-D model. The file this tutorial will help you create will be usable with a variety of g-code based machines including the TCM1000 mill and AXYZ4008 router here at the GSD. To use this tutorial, you will need a 3-D model that you have saved using any one of the following formats: STL VDA SAT ProEAscii STEP Autodesk IGES Parasld

Note: Mastercam can read both surfaces and solid models, but they must be originally drawn in environments that produce “watertight” models. FORM Z IS NOT SUITED TO PRODUCING THESE MODELS.

Note: We have had very good luck using an .igs or .iges file format in particular, and recommend that you use this format unless you have a compelling reason to use a different type



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