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Holder Gouge Checking: Cutter Sequence

Cutter Sequence is one of the Holder Options under Holder Gouge Check:cq1

With this option you can open a table in which a sequence of milling cutters can be defined. The cutters must be chosen from the list of defined cutters. Feed and Spin may be defined for each cutter, and all cutters on the sequence list may be used during the procedure, as needed. Only relevant cutters can be included on the list (similar technological data – diameter, corner radius, and taper angle). See theexample of Cutter Sequence

The first cutter (Number 1 on the sequence list) will be used for as many cutter motions as possible. Any areas that would be gouged by Cutter 1 remain unmilled. The second cutter on the list is then applied to the unmilled areas. As with Cutter 1, Cutter 2 will be used for as many motions as possible, and gouged areas remain unmilled. Cutter 3 is then applied to these unmilled areas. The milling continues in this manner, using replacement cutters as needed until the procedure is completed.

Using Cutter Sequence, the resultant procedure may use more than one cutter. If this is the case, Multi Cutters will be listed as the cutter in the Process Manager.cr2

You can divide this procedure into procedures that use each cutter.


Example of using Cutter Sequence:

A procedure uses Cutter B10, but this cutter holder will gouge the part. In the Optimizer table, press theUsed button.cr1

This will open the Cutter Sequence dialog. The defined cutter (FLAT 8) is listed in the Selected Cutterscolumn, and all similar cutters found in the cutters list (with same diameter as FLAT 8) are listed in theAvailable Cutters column.cr4

Choose the cutters from the Available Cutters list that you want to include in the cutter sequence. You can drag them back and forth with the mouse, or use the green and red arrows. (Single arrows move selected cutters, double arrows move all cutters.)cr5

Once you have moved the cutters to the “Selected Cutters” list, you can rearrange the order by dragging cutters up or down. The order of this column determines the cutter sequence.

The Optimizer table is then updated and will now include the numbers of selected cutters:cq4

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