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Holder Gouge Checking: Auto Search

Auto Search is one of the Holder Options under Holder Gouge Check:cr1

A replacement cutter is used to machine only the areas gouged by the original cutter holder.

  • The replacement cutter will be taken from the list of defined cutters currently in the file. The replacement cutter is that with the shortest possible clear length and cross section that is capable of the milling.
  • Only relevant cutters can be used as the replacement (similar technological data – diameter, corner radius, and taper angle).
  • This replacement cutter is the only cutter (other than the original cutter) that will be used for the procedure. If you want to define a list of possible cutters, all of which can be used in the procedure, use the Cutter Sequence option.
  • If no suitable replacement cutter can be found on the internal cutter list, one will be created. This new cutter is automatically added to the cutter list.
  • In the Optimizer table, specify a Feed and Spin rate for the replacement cutter.

Using Auto Search, the resultant procedure may use more than one cutter. If this is the case, Multi Cutters will be listed as the cutter in the Process Manager.cr2

You can divide this procedure into procedures that use each cutter.

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