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High Feed Machining with Mastercam

OK. You’re running a simple pocket toolpath and you notice that your optimal feed rate has the tool approaching a corner at what can only be described as a ludicrous speed. If only you could run fast where your need fast and slow where you need slow.

That’s right folks: it’s High Feed time!

high feed machining in mastercam icon


Mastercam has this neat little function called High Feed. Don’t confuse that with the many High Speed options. The High Feed function will only adjust the feed rates in your cut.

Mastercam describes High Feed machining as:

High Feed machining optimizes feed rates for 2.5 axis and 3-axis mill toolpaths. It computes feed rates that reduce machining time without sacrificing accuracy. Instead of using the same feed rate for the entire toolpath (as entered in the toolpath parameters), Mastercam adjusts the feed rate for each tool position based on the volume of material currently being removed. This typically results in a faster machining cycle and better control over the machining forces.

Here’s how it works. Let’s say you have a basic pocket tool path using zigzag and depth cuts.high feed machining a pocket

Click on the High Feed icon:

Highfeed iconhigh feed machining in mastercam icon

and the High Feed machining dialog opens:

Optimizing your job's parameters in mastercam

You have two options for optimizing: Finishing & Roughing/Finishing

If we pick finishing, the parameters are controlled by the Machine dynamics in the Machine Definition’s General Machine Parameters. If you pick the other, you can set parameters in the dialog box itself.

After clicking OK in the dialog box, go to the Ribbon bar:

High Feed-Ribbon Bar

Click the Step button and watch how the feeds will change as you click along:

High Feed-Big arrow

High Feed-Little arrow

Click the Run button and it will apply the feeds to the tool path:

2014-10-30 High Feed-Ribbon Bar 2

You’ll get a notice of how much the time decreased or increased and it will lock the operation to prevent regeneration.

Post the operation and you’ll see the changes in the federate:

High Feed-Code

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